Your Awesome Website Starts Here

From Teeth to Terriers...

Let’s be honest. You’re too busy running your dental or veterinary practice to worry about user-friendly website copy. But you know you need to attract people to your page. 


That’s where I can help you. I create distinct web content that shows potential patients what separates your business from all the rest.


You’ll benefit because I’m both left- and right-brained… a board-certified ER physician who’s also a verified copywriter through American Writers & Artists Institute – the industry-standard for copywriter training.


My verifications include:

  • Website Content Analysis

  • UX (User-Experience) Copywriting

  • Case Studies (Success Stories)

  • Email Campaigns

  • Direct-Response Copywriting


Raised to Care  

From the time I was a child rescuing earthworms from hot pavement, to becoming an ER physician resuscitating people in the Trauma Room, I felt a call to help others. I understand (more than most) how hard you’ve worked to become the professional you are today.


From thousands of hours of hard work and study (I was there, as well), to thousands of dollars in loans. It’s a grind, but you do it because you love it.


Words Matter  

You want your website to reflect your level of professionalism and expertise while also building awareness of your business in the community. I can help you.

I’ll analyze your website content to optimize user experience, make your content more user-friendly, and help attract more business.

Also, the addition of Case Studies (Success Stories) will showcase your areas of expertise and give your practice further credibility.


The first step to a great website that sets you apart from your competition is a simple, and free, 15-minute consultation. To schedule yours or to learn more, please contact me at